Nursing Homes in Meridian, TX

Collage of Seniors at a Nursing Home and Care Staff
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1015 N MAIN - MERIDIAN, TX 76665
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Meridian Inspection Averages

Average nursing and staff hours per resident in Meridian are listed below. Texas and national averages are in parenthesis as follows: (Texas average - National average) for comparison.

Nursing Hours
RN Hours:
0.96 (0.61 - .84)
LPN Hours:
0.97 (0.95 - .86)
CNA Hours:
2.28 (2.27 - 2.46)
PT and Totals
Physical Therapy Hours:
0.15 (0.08 - .10)
Total Licensed Hours:
1.92 (1.56 - 1.70)
Total Nursing Hours:
4.2 (3.83 - 4.16)